Generate your wonderful and simple icons within seconds

Effortlessly create wonderful and simple icons in seconds. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional logo design.

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Avoid unnecessary hassle and get your icon in seconds. No need to wait for a designer to create your icon.


Customize your icon to your liking. Choose from a variety of icon styles and colors.

Ship all sizes

Get your icon in any size you want. We support all sizes from 16px to 512px.

It's so simple even your grandmother can do it!

Why waste time designing a logo when you should be focused on bringing your project to life?

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Pick your colors

We know you probably use your color palette, so you won't spend hours picking between burgundy, maroon, or carmine with your mouse like crazy. Just paste your HEX code and move on. You can also use our color presets if you want! We've got you covered!

Switch sizes

Have you ever seen anyone using a border-radius of 7px? Neither have we. That's why we've made it effortless for you to switch between sizes. Choose from our range of predefined sizes.

Amazing fonts

We have done the research for you and curated the best fonts to use, just to make sure you won't have to do it on your own.

Well, Well, Well...

Still pondering your logo? 🤔 Time to roll up our sleeves and craft your ideal logo together! 🎨✨

Social Media banners driving you crazy?
We're your sanity saver!

No more logo madness - we'll bring peace to your branding universe!

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No-Frills Pricing

Explore our plans. Icon or full social media branding - we're affordable and adaptable!


Ideal for icon generation

€0 /month

  • - Icon and Logo in more than 10 variants


Designed for professionals managing multiple social media platforms

€5 /month

  • All the FREE plan features

  • Social media banners for

  • Numerous different variants

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